Persulfate Handling and Safety

Persulfates are oxidizing chemicals that require careful attention to all aspects of handling and use. For more information, you may request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which is available from any PeroxyChem office or visit here to view our safe storage and handling essentials.

Personal Protective Equipment

When handling persulfate chemicals, follow the guidelines listed here and in the SDS.

Protect your eyes — Wear chemical-type goggles or a face mask whenever splashing, spraying, or any eye contact is possible.

Protect your respiratory system — Use dust respirators approved by NIOSH/MSA whenever exposure may exceed the established standard listed in the current SDS.

Protect your hands — Wear general purpose neoprene gloves.

Protect yourself with proper clothing — Wear ordinary work clothes with long sleeves and full-length pants.

Protect yourself with proper footwear — Wear shoes with neoprene soles.