Quality Assurance

PeroxyChem persulfate products are produced under an ISO 9002 certified quality system. Statistical Process Control (SPC) and a distributed control system combine to provide consistent process control. PeroxyChem operators monitor key parameters to ensure consistent quality for all products.

All materials–raw, intermediate and final–are checked and tested in a new, modern laboratory employing the latest analytical technology. Quality test results are maintained on each batch of product. Certificates of Analysis and other end-product information can be customized to meet your system requirements.

Our production facility uses SPC methods to improve and assure the quality of persulfate chemical products. PeroxyChem operators chart key operating parameters to maintain process control; this assures that quality is built in to each customer's order.

The SPC system is designed to meet your specific quality standards. Product is analyzed and identified as it leaves the packaging areas. Product quality is maintained by batch number. The information is then stored in a computer database, enabling PeroxyChem to issue Certificates of Analysis that are specific to each batch of materials received by our customers.

PeroxyChem is the only persulfate producer that uses cutting edge technology to ensure that our products are stable for storage or transport and use. We have established new product safety standards for thermal stability to ensure a high-quality, stable persulfate.