Status of PeroxyChem’s Bayport Plant Operations

Hurricane Harvey has devastated parts of Texas and our thoughts remain with those affected and the rescuers who have tirelessly helped.

PeroxyChem’s Bayport hydrogen peroxide plant was on the eastern end of the storm’s path and experienced flooding, resulting in an operations suspension. The plant sustained minimal damages that are being repaired. These repairs should not impede our ability to restart the plant. While all our employees are safe, their availability to run the plant is limited at this time due to road flooding and closures. We are currently in communication with our raw material suppliers to understand the impact the storm has had on their operations.

This temporary plant shutdown will affect supply of hydrogen peroxide from Bayport. Road closures and suspended rail operations are limiting the shipment of finished goods from the site. PeroxyChem is making every effort to supplement with shipments from our terminal network, though there may be delays and lengthened transit times.

Due to the various external factors impacting our operations, we do not have a firm date as to when the plant will recommence operations at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide regular updates. We will be in contact regarding specific shipments that will be influenced by these issues.

Though this situation is out of our control, we regret any disruption it may cause to our customers.

We ask our customers to please contact their sales or customer service representative with questions.