Terramend® Used for Soil Remediation from Roadside Crude Oil Tanker Rollover

Terramend® was used to treat soil impacted with 40,000 liters of crude oil along a remote stretch of highway north of Perth, Australia. The remediated soil was then used for gravel pit rehabilitation.

Type of Site

Former Main Roads Gravel Pit Borrow Site


GEMEC Remediation Services, Pty Ltd.


North of Perth, Western Australia

Contaminants Treated

Crude oil


The remote location, arid climate and high temperatures of this remediation project presented challenges meeting staffing and water needs while accomplishing treatment efficiently and effectively. Terramend® was applied to the impacted soil with the treatment goal of >C16 to C35 Health Investigation Levels (HILs) of 450 mg/kg.


Soil contaminated with crude oil was effectively treated using Terramend aerobic bioremediation product in a six-month period in the remote, arid location in a single product application. Tier 1 and Tier 2 screening health and ecological risk assessments indicated that the soils posed no risk to human health or the environment and the soils were suitable for use in restoration of a nearby gravel pit.