Terramend® Used for Ex Situ Treatment of Soil Containing Hydraulic Oil and Diesel Fuel

Approximately 4,000 tons of soil impacted with hydraulic oil and diesel fuel at a former manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Ontario were effectively treated ex situ with Terramend® reagent.

Type of Site

Former manufacturing facility


Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Contaminants Treated

Hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, TPH


Approximately 4,000 tons of impacted soil were excavated and placed in a remediation cell. Terramend® was applied to the cell using a site-specific aerobic protocol with the goal of achieving the remedial standard of 1,000 mg/kg of heavy oils and 100 mg/kg for gas/diesel in all sampling zones. 


Active treatment of the soil occurred within the treatment cell for a period of approximately 12 months, with a 5-month inactive period. During this period, soil hydrocarbon concentrations were reduced by approximately 99%. Following treatment, the mean concentration of the gas/diesel rang hydrocarbons was 3 mg/kg, while the mean concentration of heavy oil hydrocarbons was 67 mg/kg. It should be noted that due to cost constraints, treatment proceeded more slowly that otherwise possible, resulting in lower remedial costs.