Terramend® Used for On-Site Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated by Aged Diesel Fuel

Terramend® Reagent was used to remediate approximately 10,500 cubic yards of soil impacted by diesel petroleum hydrocarbon at levels ranging from 500 mg/kg to 3,000 mg/kg.

Type of Site

Industrial Site - Former underground storage tank at a transportation hub


Northern California

Contaminants Treated

Diesel petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH-d)


Terramend® reagent was applied to excavated TPH-impacted soil in a soil remediation cell. The remediation cell was irrigated to achieve the desired water holding capacity level to create optimal conditions for aerobic bioremediation of TPH compounds in soil. 


TPH-d concentration was monitored biweekly using samples collected in 10 sections within the remediation cell. The remedial target of 400 mg/kg was achieved in all sampled sections after 120 days of remedial activity.