Effective Soil Mixing Treatment of Diesel Range Organics in Vadose Zone Soil at the Base of Two Excavations

Site Closed Following a Single Application of Klozur® SP and Hydrated Lime.

Contaminants Treated

BTEX, petroleum hydrocarbons


New Mexico


Trident Environmental


Situational Summary

Following the excavation of contaminated soil from a source area, diesel range organic (DRO) levels remained above the remedial goal of 1,000 mg/kg at portions of the excavation base. It was determined that treating the remaining impacts with an in situ chemical oxidation soil mixing approach would provide significant cost savings versus other alternatives. After a three day soil mixing application and one month of monitoring, the site’s remedial goals were met. The site has received a clean closure from the local regulators.


Treatment areas met the closure criteria. The in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) soil mixing method proved to be more cost effective than the usual dig-haul-disposal option that was used for the much more highly contaminated soil overlying it. It also mitigated costs to haul in clean soil to replace what otherwise would have been removed.