ISCO-ISS For Remediation of Source Area Soils at a Former MGP Site in Denmark Achieving Several Site Goals

The approach was designed to remove the lower molecular weight compounds, which are the more soluble and mobile fraction of the contamination, via chemical oxidation while cementing the remaining higher molecular weight fraction of the tar in place. The addition of cement was also intended to activate the Klozur SP by generating alkaline conditions, significantly improving the kinetics of the ISCO reactions.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Type of Site

Former MGP


Coal tar including benzene, naphthalene and phenols

Post application monitoring of soils in the target area showed a reduction of between 40 to 60% in total hydrocarbon mass within the treated area. A significantly larger percent reduction was achieved in the more soluble, lower molecular weight fractions as intended. Benzene was reduced to below the detection limit, naphthalene was reduced by 80 to 85% and phenols were reduced by 99% in soil, demonstrating that ISCO was effective for significantly reducing the more mobile fraction of the contamination.