Klozur® Used in Remediation of Groundwater at a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Petroleum contaminated groundwater was treated using an enhanced bioremediation chemistry.

Type of Site

Municipal wastewater treatment plant


Exo Tech, Inc.


Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

Contaminants Treated

Primarily benzene; also xylene, ethylbenzene, and toluene


10,930 lbs. of Klozur® Persulfate was injected into the site, which was contaminated with petroleum constituents in the soil and groundwater. The oxidant was chosen because of its fast reaction time, minimal likelihood of daylighting, minimal heat generation in the subsurface, minimal gas generation, long life in the subsurface and minimal oxidant migration. 


The first post-injection sampling event occurred approximately three months after the injection and revealed an overall reduction in BTEX constituents in groundwater down gradient from the source area from the initial maximum benzene contamination of 6,100 μg/L.