Klozur® Used in Ex Situ Chemical Oxidation to Treat PCP Impacted Soil

Hazardous soils at two former locations of a manufacturing facility were treated by ex situ chemical oxidation, in order to meet the treatment standards for a nearby landfill as a non-hazardous waste.

Type of Site

Former manufacturing facility


Geomatrix Consultants, Inc.



Contaminants Treated

DRO, PCP, Dioxins


Soils contained PCP concentrations greater than 120 milligrams per kilogram and were considered hazardous waste by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Chemical oxidants of hydrogen peroxide at one location and Klozur® at the other location were sprayed onto hazardous soils as the soils were returned to their original excavations, and then mixed with an excavator. 


Post treatment confirmation sampling showed that PCP concentrations at both locations were below the treatment standard of 120 mg/kg, and the soils were disposed of at the nearby landfill.