Bench to Field: Testing Klozur® KP as a Permeable Reactive Barrier Targeting Pentachlorophenol

The potential use of an oxidative permeable reactive barrier (PRB) was investigated as a means of cutting off and preventing downgradient migration of pentachlorophenol plume and other petroleum hydrocarbons and at a former wood treatment site. This approach resulted in up to 3 orders of magnitude of contaminant reduction.


A step wise approach was taken to assess the potential to use activated Klozur® KP (potassium persulfate) in a permeable reactive barrier to intercept and treat the contaminant plume. The first step included a series of bench scale column studies that evaluated different activation methods and assessed the longevity of potassium persulfate. Based on the results of the bench scale tests, a field pilot test included the subsurface emplacement of solid slurry potassium persulfate and subsequent multi-month monitoring program.