Treatment for Soil Containing VOCs and OCPs

EHC® Reagent was evaluated for treatment of soil containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs). The injections were conducted using hydraulic fracturing.

Contaminants Treated

Toxaphene, VOCs, OCPs

Type of Site

Former Pesticide Manufacturing Facility; Confidential client


Bench and pilot studies were conducted to determine the applicability EHC® Reagent for treatment of impacted soil. The goal of the project was to reduce source zone soil concentrations of OCPs and VOCs by injecting EHC® Reagent into the source area, which consisted of driving rods to these depths using a direct push rig, followed by hydraulic fracturing and injection of EHC


Toxaphene concentration decreased from 127.7 μg/g to 8.7 μg/g, respectively. Total OCP concentration decreased from 169.1 μg/g to 11.8 μg/g, respectively.