Terramend® Reagent Used for Ex Situ Treatment of Sediment Containing PAHs

Terramend® was used to treat 150 tons of sediment dredged from PAH impacted regions of Hamilton Harbor.

Type of Site

Harbor adjacent to industrial region


Hamilton Harbor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Contaminants Treated



Sediments in the harbor were impacted with a variety of contaminants including residue from coal coking operations for the steel manufacturing industry, with PAH concentrations exceeding 1,400 mg/kg in regions of the harbor. Terramend was applied to 150 tons of dredged sediment in an engineered bioremediation cell using site-specific technology.


Following the application of Terramend, total PAH concentrations were reduced from 1,139 mg/kg to 110 mg/kg, which comprises a reduction level of 90%. With the exception of benzo(a)pyrene, all regulated PAH isomers were below the guidelines established by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) after 245 days of treatment. Benzo(a)pyrene was reduced below its target after 312 days.