Safe Storage & Handling of Persulfates

Persulfates are chemical compounds with some of the most powerful oxidant characteristics of any peroxygen. These characteristics require the proper provision of safety oversight. As one of the largest global producers of persulfates, PeroxyChem is a leader in providing persulfate product solutions that meet the exacting standards of global customers and comply with strict safety standards.

As we all know, any form of chemistry can be both powerful and benign. Having respect for every chemical you use – whether it’s the bleach in your laundry room or rubbing alcohol in your medicine cabinet – starts with understanding that any chemistry can become either ineffective or lethal through carelessness. Persulfates are no exception. You don’t need to be a chemist to understand persulfates, but you MUST take certain precautions – both to maintain the level of product quality that PeroxyChem has worked so hard to achieve but also to ensure product safety. These safety note sheets – offer important tips in safeguarding your product and your people when storing and handling persulfates.