B-Cap™ Antimicrobial Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

B-Cap™ Antimicrobial Agents are EPA registered and may be used for biofouling control in cooling and process water systems, as a paper mill biocide and for general slime control. Some grades are registered for manufacturing and can be used in any FIFRA registered product formulation using hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.


  • B-Cap 27 Antimicrobial Agent
  • B-Cap 35 Antimicrobial Agent
  • B-Cap 35 MUP
  • B-Cap 50 Antimicrobial Agent
  • B-Cap 50 MUP
Key Benefits
  • EPA registered
  • Controls biofouling in cooling and process water systems
  • Controls general slime
  • Paper mill biocide
Key Functions
  • Biocide
  • Biofouling
  • Antimicrobial Agent