PeroxyChem, LLC is now Evonik Active Oxygens, LLC.
Please continue to visit us here until our new online home is ready.
We look forward to serving customers as one company.

Featured Markets

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

We understand that each site presents unique challenges.

Our team provides a portfolio of field-proven, sustainable technologies that support soil and groundwater remediation for both in situ and ex situ applications.

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The Persulfate Experts

Leading the persulfate market with the highest quality products, technical expertise and reliable supply

Our persulfates, backed by 70+ years of experience, are manufactured to strict specifications for thermal stability, making them among the most stable available.

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Calcium Peroxide

Over 70 years of experience in peroxygens exploring the many ways this high quality product can be used.

From environmental and industrial applications to food and pharmaceuticals, calcium peroxide’s slow oxygen release properties make it an ideal, cost-effective and natural alternative for use across many industries.

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